Fundraising Isn’t Free

Still looking for help with September’s Fundraiser. We hate asking for moulah but it’s what talks when it comes to making strides in business and activism. If you can’t donate cash for these things maybe you or someone you know can help in other ways… Do you have access to a printer?? Would you be willing to print off some flyers and educational postcards?? Would you donate an item to raffle off? Are you an artist and would like to create a piece of artwork to show/auction? There are so many things you can do to help. I urge you to stop doing nothing when it comes to reform. There is always SOMETHING you can do…. If none of these options are appealing, will you at least share this post???

The fundraiser will raise money which will be used to bring knowledge and education to our PA physicians.. specifically in the Lancaster Area but also across the state. We will also use it to lobby Lancaster into decriminalization, Harrisburg for FULL legalization across the state and to Lobby in Washington DC for de-scheduling and Federal legalization.

Any help is appreciated… and remember if you help us, You help yourselves.